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Fluffystealthkitten says:


Some dogs get their tails docked or ears cropped when young but this is needless and is cruel. How come your tail has been docked puppy?


Furrywisepuppy says:


Well it wasn’t down to any master of mine because you know we magical frisky furmiliars have no masters (we can still form extremely loyal bonds with our closest human friends and live with them like family however). But it did happen not long after I was born…


I was born with a malevolent twin pup who always saw me as a rival rather than as a brother. I tried for love, harmony and diplomacy but he only ever wanted to constantly prove that he was superior and stronger than me.


Then one night while I was about to go to bed, after a day he believed I showed him up during a mini-mini-minimoto race, he took what he considered was revenge and used some kind of arcane sorcery I had only seen from the dark forces to sever my tail in two.


It hurt a lot. As I yelped with the shock and pain, I hit my limit break for the first time, and the only time so far, in my life. I was temporarily consumed by this internal inferno. And with all my furry powers – powers I didn’t know I had – I banished him into another realm. I was fur-ious and not under full control of my senses so I don’t know exactly where I expelled him.


He had adopted the name Fuzzychaoshound a short while before this incident. As you will know, Furry furmiliars are on the side of the light, Fluffy furmiliars are neutral, in-between or mercenaries for anyone, and Fuzzy furmiliars are on the side of the shade. No one has seen him since that night but if we ever meet again, I hope he can accept my forgiveness as I forgive him, but I’m wise enough to be prepared if he’s not ready to.


I have spent my days meditating and studying ever since, searching for inner peace. My red flame brows formed that night and are a reminder of the fire that engulfed me during that regretful moment – a fire I must continue to train to contain.


Fluffystealthkitten says:


Hmm, sounds like an extraordinary backstory, which has been inspired by various sources. (Although what story of the last century or more can claim to have had no inspirations?)


Furrywisepuppy says:


Erm, yep, I guess that’s what that could’ve been construed as… O:3


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Furrywisepuppy says:




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