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A set of quick and random pieces today because I feel like it. Three things all young people (or really everyone) should be taught to understand in my furry opinion…


Kinetic energy quadruples as speed merely doubles. So when driving, the stopping distances or the damage that can be caused by a collision from speeding increases exponentially rather than merely linearly for every extra mile or kilometre per hour one increases one’s speed by. Lots of other things in the world have an exponential or logarithmic relationship too, such as surface area to volume, or to double the amount of perceived light from one candle there must be four candles (alas the ‘fork handles’ pun won’t work when written down(!))


Contrary to many schematic diagrams of the Earth’s atmosphere, the troposphere is a relatively wafer-thin layer (the top of Mt Everest, an altitude where most people struggle to breathe comfortably, is within the troposphere and that barely juts out of the surface of the Earth when seen on a scale globe). Although it’s arbitrary to say where the atmosphere ends in space (how many molecules of air per cubic metre begins to become too few?) – the breathable atmosphere we must look after is not as thick as many people may think. We must understand how fragile and thin the layer of atmosphere under where all complex life on Earth resides is, and actively look after it.


And gambling in casinos or fixed odds betting terminals is silly because the expected value is always negative (all possible payoffs multiplied by their respective probabilities of occurring). The odds are rigged so that the house always wins in the long run, hence gambling in these places or on these machines is completely irrational, unless you really find it fun to lose money in the long run. (It also shows how bad of a businessperson one will need to be to ever go bankrupt running a casino(!))


Of course there are many more things everyone should know from as young as possible and these are just a few in my view.


Furrywisepuppy likes going fast but wants everyone to get home in one piece more. Furrywisepuppy urges everyone to look after the environment because this is our home. And Furrywisepuppy doesn’t play casino games against the house if it’s for money (nor do I play strip poker because I’m already naked).




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