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Furrywisepuppy says:


All of us start life as mentally and physically disabled/incapable (as babies), will likely end our lives in a mentally and physically disabled/incapable state (for being extremely old and frail, terminally ill and/or terminally wounded), and throughout our lives will experience various illnesses and injuries, at least temporarily, that put us in a mentally and/or physically disabled/incapable state where we’re highly dependent on others to survive – thus disability/incapability is a fact of life for all of us, and therefore our dependence on others is also a fact of life for every single one of us to survive and function. But most of us just take our dependence on others (and modern technologies) for granted; and most of us who are fortunate also take our capabilities when they’re working fine for granted too.


Context can also at times throughout anybody’s life make one behave with mental impairment e.g. after having too much alcohol to drink or taking other drugs, when in a fit of rage, when extremely sleep deprived, deindividuation or conformity effects when within a large crowd, and so on (hence powerful weapons should arguably be withheld from literally everyone apart from trained law enforcement officers who are on duty).


A disease is present when a normal function of the body breaks down. A disorder is present when one functions on an extreme end of a distribution curve (i.e. compared to the population average). Now a person may otherwise be perfectly healthy but if anything interferes with their well-being to the point that it’s having a negative impact on their life then it’s a candidate for treatment. It’s like real health problems such as high blood pressure exists even though everyone alive has some amount of blood pressure, or diabetes is a real disease even though diabetes sufferers will still have some level of insulin (and it’s the same in other contexts too e.g. there exists such a problem as having too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) – so experiencing too much anxiety or sadness or too little energy or motivation, for instance, are real problems and real diseases or disorders. They’re not imagined and cannot always be overcome by mere willpower (because our mood, for instance, is affected by the levels of various physical hormones and neurotransmitters).


Furrywisepuppy hopes everyone increases their understanding and compassion for those who suffer from mental health issues because who is anyone to say that someone isn’t suffering, for whatever reason whatsoever, if they are? Surely even hypochondria itself isn’t nice to live with.


So we’ve all been incapable, at the start and likely throughout our lives, and we will all become incapable in the end. No one is perfect and dependence is a fact of life. Experiencing mental and physical disability or incapability is not about ‘them’ and ‘us’ – but about ‘all of us’. We look after the young, the elderly, the physically injured, those sick from viruses or bacteria – and we should look after the mentally ill with equal concern and benevolence too.




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