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Some people misuse the term ‘being too healthy’ – but you cannot be too healthy that it makes you unhealthy because if your extreme behaviour causes you to be unhealthy then that is simply being not healthy at all and should be correctly termed unhealthy by logical definition. It’s just like you cannot be ‘too clever’ that you end up doing stupid things because that would simply be called being not clever enough, or should be correctly called stupid behaviour instead. Or you cannot be ‘too asleep’ that you’re awake, in which case you’d just simply be called awake(!)


Healthiness is not one extreme state or another, but a state of balance, and that includes a work, rest and play life balance (read also Post No.: 0004 about yin and yang). Properly-functioning bodily systems naturally seek a balance or homeostasis (e.g. our core temperatures being neither too hot nor too cold, our blood sugar levels being neither too high nor too low). Obsessions are not healthy. (Orthorexia is a disorder based on the obsession of eating only foods that one considers healthy, fuelled partly by mis-advice and fads e.g. raw food-ism and other ‘wellness and clean eating’ pseudoscience. This often results in a highly restricted, imbalanced and ironically unhealthy diet.)


‘Everything in moderation’ is sound in principle but in practice how will we know how much is ‘moderate’? Well if your diet is varied and balanced then by the moment you’ve had a bit of everything that’s reasonable and advised by those properly qualified in nutrition (e.g. some fruit, vegetables, protein sources, carbohydrate sources, fibre sources, fat sources, a few sweet things if you want) then you should feel sufficiently satisfied – by which time you should stop eating any more. You can feel full by just eating one or two types of things and nothing else (e.g. crisps or chocolate) but that’s not everything in moderation. Woof!


Furrywisepuppy wants you to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle that involves regular physical activity and a varied and balanced diet – with neither extremes in quantities nor extremes in restrictions (unless specifically advised by your doctor). You don’t need to complicate your life to be as healthy as you can be!




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