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Furrywisepuppy says:


If the main thing on your mind right now is how poorly the sports team you support did on the weekend, that pimple on your face, having a bad hair day, that hole in your shirt, how you tripped over in front of everyone and embarrassed yourself, how you missed the earliest opportunity to watch the latest episode of a show that all your friends or work colleagues watched, or anything like that – then your life must actually be great because your mind isn’t on any real problems like cancer, genuine chronic mental health problems or starvation.


It’s human to tend to focus on the miniscule negatives over the majority positives but try not to because it’s not always mentally adaptive – there’s usually a lot to be thankful for. Also, try to focus more on your fluffy needs first (e.g. your health) and accept some compromises on your less important mere wants or desires (e.g. getting the latest mobile phone) – we must get our priorities right. Woof!


A perceptually good or bad event can simply depend on your perspective, what you’re comparing it to and how you frame things. You may think your life is not going to plan or you’re simply having a bad day, but then you watch the news and realise that in many ways you’ve got it lucky. So many ‘first-world problems’ or arguments are ridiculous and lack perspective (e.g. stressing about where the wedding venue should be, what take-away/take-out to order tonight, the car has a little scratch on it, an accidental spillage on the carpet).


Forms of escapism like supporting a sports team can indeed bring some people immense joy in times and places that seem hopeless, but it’s probably best to take the joys of such escapism yet not take to heart any disappointments.


So all it sometimes needs is just taking a different perspective. For example, if your washing machine has broken down then note that many families across the world don’t even own one and have always washed their clothes by hand since children. Or if you’re old and now feel physically fragile then note that many people don’t ever survive to old age at all. One can’t really complain about getting old because it means one didn’t die young.


Furrywisepuppy knows firsthand that life must be logically fine and great if sports results, how one looks or other petty things are the first or main concerns on one’s mind because these things really don’t register at all when there are genuine problems in one’s life. (Petty divisions like what sports team we support mean nothing too when real problems are happening or have just happened in the world. It’s just entertainment at the end of the day.)


Life can’t be that bad after all…




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