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Welcome all! I am extremely excited to present to you my blog. My ambitious furry aim is to spread a little love, peace, happiness, health and wisdom to everyone across the world.


I hope you’ll find it enlightening, thought-inspiring and fun!


Please read the ‘About’ page first if you’ve not done so already. Posts in this blog are designed to be read sequentially (using the ‘next post’ buttons below each post) but you can read what interests you in whatever way or order you like (in a chilled-out space with a cup of tea or coffee is highly recommended, or whatever takes your fancy).


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to embarking on this somewhat random but hopefully insightful, entertaining, engaging and embracing yet personal and emotional adventure with you!


You can follow me and keep in touch with me via my Twitter handle @furrywisepuppy, and you can comment on any specific post via Twitter too by clicking on the Twitter comment button included at the bottom of each post, which will link to the official tweet that refers to that post, that you can then reply to and follow its conversation. You could also ‘like’ these tweets to in effect like their corresponding posts.


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Please keep an eye out on the ‘News’ page or my Twitter handle for any announcements, pupdates or planned absences. And look out for something special at the bottom of the last post of each month!


Woof! (Woof means love)


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