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Okay this is a bit abrupt and all of a sudden even to myself because I only firmly decided this within the last month – but I am going to take an indefinite hiatus from this website for the time being.


This is because I have a new project that I feel I must commence as soon as possible. I will be somewhat cryptic about the details here but it brings together some of the things I’ve learnt through my journey writing these blog posts, and if I can execute my aspirations well – what I create could help nourish some greater world peace and harmony for future generations, even if just a tiny bit. Children are the future. Sounds like a grand ambition but with so many senseless conflicts happening around the globe right now and others that could potentially spark, I’ve got to give it a try and I ought to not hesitate with getting on with it; especially because it could take a few years until it comes to fruition.


I jot down many ideas for possible products, businesses, creations and what have you in various sketchbooks, and I’ve been thinking increasingly more and more about this particular project since the end of last year because it resonates deeply with both my head and heart.


It’s actually pretty excellent timing because my initial personal goal with this blog was to write 1,000 posts within 6 years. That’s how much material I felt I had in me when I embarked on this in 2018. A few years into this journey though, I realised that I had much more in me so I did consider for a while afterwards that I’d simply continue with this website for a bit longer until I had exhausted all of the content I wished to cover and write about.


I estimate that there’s probably about another 300 or so posts I could produce – at least as it currently stands because I will likely continue my habit of adding to my library of notes as I learn more about the subjects that engage me because I will never stop taking online courses and expanding my education in general. There is a natural law of diminishing returns on what I could and would like to cover though (unless I somehow start writing posts that comment on specific sports matches, videogames, music, cooking, exercise, topical news events or the other things that I’m also interested in but won’t quite fit into the style and feel of this blog!) so, although the pool of human knowledge will never stop growing and new social phenomena will keep arising, I do foresee a point when I will personally think it’s time for me to stop. Until that point, my present desire is to eventually complete these posts but there is absolutely no timescale on this. It could be many years? I could perhaps sporadically come in with a month of posts every now and again but I cannot say if or when this will happen at this juncture.


This blog hardly covers everything I know but kind of aims to cover all of the things I personally wish every citizen with the power to vote in a democracy knew about or spent some time to deliberate at a minimum.


I won’t proffer my overall closing thoughts and conclusions about all the content I’ve covered in this website (if I succinctly could(!)) because I’ve not had a chance to stand back and think about it; precisely because the decision to take an intermission was relatively unplanned, plus I don’t presently intend this to be my final words here. It’s goodbye, but just for now, hopefully.


There are a few topics that are quite interesting and even weighty but that I’ve been putting off writing about – in some cases because I’ve collected so many rough notes on my cogitations on these subject matters that they appear like utter beasts to condense hence I’ve kept pushing them down the road! There are therefore still some major talking points that I wish to write about. There’s also a mighty medley of middling stuff too – here, like prospecting for gold, most of the nuggets have been sorted and used and it’s the tiny flakes that remain. These flakes might add up to nice ingots but will take a lot of time and effort to sift through. A back-of-the-envelope calculation is that there are still approximately 900,000 words of notes to wade through in total! There’s also stuff I’ve delineated my thoughts on but will never turn into posts because they’re just rants about specific events in the news at the time and there’s no point in bringing them up now. I’ve already sifted through these. But on aggregate – if it’s all a reflection of what’s inside my messy head of ruminations then my head is only 75-80% ‘tidied up’. Yet that’s miles better than the 5% before I started this endeavour!


I’ve not used AI to write or even once assist in creating anything for this blog. I’m personally here to learn, not merely churn, thus every single sentence has been mulled over carefully in my own mind before publishing. That’s not to say there might not be things I’ve written about, especially long ago, that I’ve since refined my knowledge and beliefs on – but that’s just life and the process of intellectual growth.


Despite maintaining a relentless schedule of researching, drafting and publishing at an average rate of around 1 post (or essay!) every 2 days for 6 whole years straight (along with drawing some Furrywisepuppy and Fluffystealthkitten pictures for each month), I didn’t experience burnout. This is probably because this has neither been done for money, chasing followers nor to try to sound smart to others; hence why I’ve never promoted this website. It was done out of an intrinsic desire to explore, learn and grow. If anyone else manages to find then reads or will read this blog then fabulous but if not then that’s all right too. If this next chapter of my life goes well then this blog has served its principal purpose for me.


But, as alluded to earlier, I will never cease the rhythm of learning and self-development. After taking about 180 MOOCs so far (which means I’ve undertaken nearly 60 further online courses since beginning this blog), I will continue to study throughout my lifetime as a gratified lifelong learner. I will surely reach 200 some day soon, although it’s not about chasing numbers.


…And so how is my mental health nowadays? How am I feeling at this moment in time?


The short answer: Awesome. Or if you want to know the long answer: Awweeessssooooommmmmmeeeeeee!


Ahem. I have a monumental sense of purpose and direction in life :D. The tremendous philosophical wisdom I’ve acquired throughout this odyssey of contemplation and writing has really helped me. Via this journey, I have explored and answered – to my own personal satisfaction – many prodigious questions about life. Maybe I’ve already answered more fundamental existential questions than most people ever will in their entire lifetimes because of this? I shall be feeling equanimous on my deathbed.


This blog itself has given me a purpose that’s far greater than myself because it has been about cultivating love, peace, happiness, health and wisdom. I would like to contribute to making a better, more empathic and understanding world. I hope that I have stimulated thought and curiosity, and have spread the wonder of learning about this universe, life and people.


And I hope some of the things I’ve shared within this blog will help you too if you ever feel lost. Like an expert at exercise who isn’t fit – what is a cognoscente on cognitive matters who cannot feel content whether rich or poor, winning or losing, or whatever? Well, alright, I’m not the best but even the very best are going to sometimes stumble because no one is perfect – just like even the finest footballers sometimes miss shots and lose matches – but that’s okay and I’m okay. I will probably always have some bad periods on occasion but I nowadays trust my own resilience to eventually pull me through every time.


So this is goodbye from Furrywisepuppy and goodbye from Fluffystealthkitten. But my intention is not for forever. I’m hopeful that I can some day finish this blog to how I envisaged it to be – yet at the same time if this new and exciting project and chapter of mine goes splendidly then I will also be really happy about focusing on that for as long as it requires.


Such is life – too much stuff one wishes to do but too little time to do it all!..


A huge thank you to anyone and everyone who has read anything in this blog. Please take care of yourself and those around you. And all the very best of luck in your own life and adventures too.


Woof (means love) and Meow (means peace)!


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